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Seeds of Premium Plant Varieties

We are proud to present one of the largest collections of premium plant varieties in Australia. We stock several heirloom and species plant varieties, however, the vast majority of our seed catalogue consists of modern plant varieties, cultivars that are considered the gold-standard in ornamental and production horticulture. In recent years The Climbing Fig™ has introduced several award-winning new plant varieties from leading international markets including Japan, Europe and the United States. Whilst many of our varieties are the product of modern plant breeding programs, we do not stock any GMO varieties.

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Acer Ginnala "Amur Maple" seeds Acer Monspessulanum “Montpellier Maple” seeds Acer Palmatum "Japanese Maple" seeds Acer Palmatum "Laceleaf Japanese Maple" seeds Acer Rubrum "Red Maple" seeds Acer Saccharum “Sugar Maple” seeds
Acer Trifidum "Trident Maple" seeds Achillea "White Yarrow" seeds Achillea Millefolium "Pink Yarrow" seeds Acrocarpus “Pink Cedar” seeds Actinidia Hayward "Kiwi Fruit Gooseberry" seeds Adansonia Digitata "Baobab Tree" seeds
Aechmea Rubra "Bromeliad of Bahamas" seeds Aeonium “Lancerottense” seeds Agapanthus "Eternal Blue™" seeds Agave Attenuata "Foxtail Agave" seeds Agave Gypsophila "Blue Curls™" seeds Agave Horrida "Renegade™" seeds
Agave Vivipara "Artemis™" seeds Ageratum “Blue Pom-Pom™” seeds Ageratum “Pink Pom-Pom™” seeds Ageratum “White Pom-Pom™” seeds Allium Ursinum "Broad Leaved Garlic" seeds Allocasuarina Littoralis "Black She-Oak" seeds
Aloe Ferox Aloe Striata Aloe Vaombe Alstroemeria Ligtu Hybrids Alyssum "Lavender at Duskâ„¢" seeds Alyssum "Lemon Iceâ„¢" seeds
Alyssum "Moody Blues™" seeds Alyssum "Paegan Pink™" seeds Alyssum "Royal Velvet™" seeds Alyssum "Snow White 7™" seeds Alyssum “Dwarf Nostalgia™ Mix” seeds Amaranthus "Tricolor Perfecta” seeds
Amaranthus “Red Cathedral” seeds Amaranthus Tricolor “Early Splendor” seeds Ammi "Casablanca" seeds Antigonon “Apple Blossom™ Coral Vine” seeds Antigonon “Cherry Blossom™ Coral Vine” seeds Araucaria Norfolk Is Pine "Manley™" seeds
Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana "Bangalow Palm" seeds Arctotis "Carnivale Mixâ„¢" seeds Armeria "Kaiâ„¢ Hybrid Pink" seeds Armeria "Kaiâ„¢ Hybrid Red" seeds Armeria "Kaiâ„¢ Hybrid White" seeds Armeria "Vivid Packâ„¢" seeds
Armeria “Pseudarmeria MG Mix™” seeds Armeria “Sovereign Pink™” seeds Artemisia Absinthium "Wormwood" seeds Artichoke “Green Globe Improved” seeds Aster "Lucid Perfection Mix" seeds Basil "Cinnamon" seeds
Basil "Dark Opal" seeds Basil "Lemon Basil" seeds Basil "Sweet Basil Italian" seeds Basil "Sweet Mammothâ„¢" seeds Basil "Thai Sweet Purpleâ„¢" seeds Bauhinia "Hawaiian Orchid Tree" seeds