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Professional Grade Propagation Supplies

Successful plant propagation requires i) healthy plant stock (seeds or cuttings), ii) an optimal propagation substrate (generally Jiffy® Pellets), iii) suitable propagation pots or trays, and iv) optimal growing conditions (temperature, light and moisture). If you are after a complete propagation solution, including a humidity regulating dome, why not check-out our popular Plant Propagation Kit? Whether you are just starting out, or consider yourself a propagation expert, at The Climbing Fig we provide everything you need to achieve stunning results.

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25mm Jiffy®-7 Coir Pellets 35mm Jiffy®-7 Coir Pellets
50mm Jiffy®-7 Coir Pellets 25mm XL Jiffy® Peat Pellets
60mm Round Jiffy® Pots 40-Cell Air Pruning Tray & 40mm Tubes - Propagation Set 40-Cell Air Pruning Tray & Clear Tube - Propagation
50-Cell Air Pruning Tray & 50mm Native Tubes 50mm Square Black Plastic Native Tube Pot
50mm Black Plastic Net Pot 8-cell Rigid Plastic Seedling Punnets 288-Cell Seedling Plug Tray - White 50-Cell (Round) Seedling Plug Tray - Black
72-Cell Seedling Plug Tray - Black 128-Cell Seedling Plug Tray - Black 288-Cell Seedling Plug Tray - Black
Premium Seed Raising Mix Jiffy® Premium Fine Peat Substrate
Osmocote® Pro (3-4mo) Controlled Release Fertiliser
Seed Jump Starter Esi-Root - Plant Propagation Concentrate Ezi-Root - Plant Propagation Hormone Gel Ezi-Root - Plant Propagation Hormone Gel 1 Litre