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Professional Grade Pots & Trays

Whether you are a home gardener, or operate a local nursery, we are sure to have a pot that is just right, in a pack size that represents exceptional value. At the budget end of our pot range we have the lightweight Teku® - Round Plastic Pots imported from Germany, through to a range of more heavy duty pots made in Australia, including the Squat and Slimline range of pots, as well as a range of specialty pots including Jiffy® Propagation Pots, Propagation Tubes and a range of Seedling Trays.

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150mm Teku® Round Plastic Pots 150mm Teku® Round Plastic Bowl Pots
190mm Teku® Round Plastic Bowl Pots 190mm Black Plastic Squat Pots
200mm Black Plastic Slimline Pots 230mm Black Plastic Slimline Pots 85mm Square Black Plastic Pots
130mm Round Black Plastic Saucers 140mm Round Black Plastic Saucers 175mm Round Black Plastic Saucers 200mm Round Black Plastic Saucers 250mm Round Black Plastic Saucers 300mm Round Black Plastic Saucers
60mm Round Jiffy® Pots 40-Cell Air Pruning Tray & 40mm Tubes - Propagation Set
40-Cell Air Pruning Tray & Clear Tube - Propagation 50-Cell Air Pruning Tray & 50mm Native Tubes 50mm Square Black Plastic Native Tube Pot
50mm Black Plastic Net Pot 8-cell Rigid Plastic Seedling Punnets 288-Cell Seedling Plug Tray - White
50-Cell (Round) Seedling Plug Tray - Black 72-Cell Seedling Plug Tray - Black 128-Cell Seedling Plug Tray - Black 288-Cell Seedling Plug Tray - Black
120mm Clear Plastic Teku® Orchid Pots 150mm Clear Plastic Teku® Orchid Pots